Bachie’s Ciarran Stott Got Himself ‘Banned’ From A Melb Pub Last Night & Here’s What Went Down

The Bachelorette’s Ciarran Stott got himself banned from a pub in Melbourne last night, and the surrounding information as to why is suspicious, to say the least. The venue claims he was swearing at staff and ignoring mask-wearing and check-in rules, while he says they banned him because he and the owner share the same ex: Big Brother’s Tully Smyth. Here’s what went down.

Last night, Ciarran Stott visited a Scandinavian pub called The Wolf in the Melbourne suburb of Windsor.

“My friend booked it as a catch-up dinner after I returned from Europe to see everyone,” he told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“We sat down [and] ordered appetisers and drinks. Then ordered our mains.

“We waited for our mains and I received that message.”

Over on his Instagram Stories, Stott shared a message he was sent from the venue’s Instagram account: “You are banned from our venue you pathetic fuckhead. Same goes with all of your mates.”

“Came in for a nice dinner to catch up with my mates and then get this message,” he wrote in a screenshot of the message.

“Ok then… won’t be coming here again.

“Would also like to point out, that’s the first time I’ve been to the venue… [This ban is] some sort of personal vendetta??”

ciarran stott the wolf

After sharing the message he was sent onto his Instagram Story, the 27-year-old reality TV star claimed to us that the decision for him to be banned was because the owner of The Wolf allegedly previously dated Big Brother star and Ciarran’s ex, Tully Smyth. Oop.

“After posting it has come to my attention that the owner doesn’t like me for my dating history with his ex Tully. Hence the message” he told us.

“So we did nothing wrong it was clear it was a personal attack to me from him. I showed the manager who was working and they apologised sincerely and told us the meal was on the house. We left the venue and that was it.”

The Wolf, Windsor has a different story. Speaking with PEDESTRIAN.TV, a representative said over Instagram that he was banned after allegedly swearing at staff and refusing to follow COVID guidelines including QR check-ins and wearing a face mask.

“Because telling staff to fuck off when asked to check-in and wear a mask to a table is not cool,” they said.

In the words of Oprah Winfrey: “so, what is the truth?” When I say, I am extremely invested in this story right now… I *have* to know what Ciarran Stott did to get banned at The Wolf.

Interestingly, Survivor stars Brooke Jowett and Phoebe Timmins were also at The Wolf at the same time as Stott. In fact, you can see his face in the background of a photo they posted that was reshared by The Wolf’s official Instagram account.

ciarran stott the wolf brooke jowett phoebe timmins

We’ve reached out to the pair to hear their side of the story. Stay tuned for more info.

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story wrongly identified Tully Smyth as a former Bachelor in Paradise star instead of Big Brother. We apologise and this has been corrected.