Christopher Plummer’s Globes Nom Is For The Role Kevin Spacey Was Fired From

There’s a bunch of curious talking points to be gleaned from this morning’s Golden Globe nominations: The absence of female directing nominees, Get Out copping something of a raw deal, and the complete and utter snubbing of The Big Sick (NOT EVEN A WRITING NOMINATION ARE YOU KIDDING ME). But of all the curious inclusions and exclusions, perhaps none is more curious than the case of Christopher Plummer.

Plummer was nominated for Best Supporting Actor – Motion picture, for his role as J. Paul Getty in Ridley Scott‘s All the Money in the World.

A remarkable feat for an 87-year-old actor that gets even more remarkable when you consider the following:

  • This is the role that was originally held by Kevin Spacey until he was unceremoniously fired during the fallout of his sexual assault allegations scandal.
  • Christopher Plummer only fully completed his re-shoots for the film two weeks ago.
  • The film is still 13 days away from being officially released.

That last part isn’t totally uncommon; producers gunning for invaluable nominations often circulate screeners of their films to awards officials before public release, as nominations deadlines don’t often align with the more financially advantageous late December release schedule.

What is remarkable though, is that Scott is still – probably as we speak – editing the film. Plummer was rushed into the cast after Spacey’s firing, with Scott preferring to totally re-shoot every J. Paul Getty scene and effectively erase Spacey’s presence from the film entirely.

However, the director was able to gather together a rough cut of the film which was then screened for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the controlling body of the Globes, last week. Just prior to the deadline.

That, it would seem, was enough to get Plummer nominated for the award, with star Michelle Williams picking up a nomination for Best Actress, and Scott himself getting a nod for Best Director.

The Golden Globe nominations will prove invaluable as the film bids to have its name read out during the Academy Award nominations, which are due to be announced on January 23rd.