Chrissy Teigen Absolutely Roasted A Fox News Anchor For Not-So-Subtly Lurking Her Tits

Sass queen Chrissy Teigen has called out Fox News host Jeanine Pirro for stalking *checks notes* her boobs.

Pirro, who is widely known for that iconic spat on The View where Scorpio queen Whoopi Goldberg tore her a new one, shared a tweet from a restaurant where she was dining with friends.

“Wearing my mask out east,” she wrote alongside the photo.

If you look closely at her phone, you’ll see a bikini-clad photo of Teigen on her phone.

“Jeanine why are my boobs up on your phone,” Teigen responded, before sharing a zoomed in image of her selfie.

My colleague David has a theory that she’s salty that Chrissy is coming for her gabble with her new Quibi series Chrissy’s Court and I absolutely stand by it.

In case ya wanna catch the aforementioned scrap with Whoopi Goldberg, here it is: