Former MasterChef contestant Chris is sick and tired of all you haters giving Laura shit for only cooking pasta, mainly because she’s a total gun at it.

In an interview with, Chris said it’s normal for contestants to stick to what they’re good at, even if that means making pasta almost every damn episode.

In his opinion, viewers (including you and me, probably) are unfairly targeting Laura for doing what she does best.

“Poor Laura’s copping it and I don’t understand it,” he told the website.

“I don’t understand why people decide to pick on certain individuals on a certain topic when others are guilty of the same thing.

“She owns a fucking pasta restaurant, of course she’s going to do pasta! It’s what she’s best at and if she can do it, she will.”

He’s not wrong. Pasta dominates the menu of Laura’s Adelaide restaurant, NIDO. She’d be silly to make anything else.

He then went on to make a pretty decent point. While the judges sometimes (unfairly) hound other contestants for making similar dishes over and over again, us viewers seem to be pretty focused on Laura and Laura only.

Reece has made a thousand fucking tarts but he doesn’t get hit up for it,” Chris said.

Reynold literally does the same dish every time, just a variation on a theme, and he doesn’t get plugged for it.”

In the most literal sense, points were made.

However, most people would agree that watching Reynold concoct whatever weird and wacky dessert he comes up with each week is still more exciting than watching Laura boil some water.

Thankfully, at the end of the day, it all looks delicious anyway.

Image: Supplied / iStock / walterbilotta