Chris Hemsworth Took A Hitchhiker On A Chopper Ride To Byron Like It’s NBD

Chris Hemsworth has confirmed his status as Australia‘s most benevolent bro by welcoming a hitchhiker, who was not you, onto a chartered chopper bound for Byron Bay.

[jwplayer 5jao5UgW]

In a video posted to his Instagram account, Hemsworth, along with his mate and personal trainer Luke Zocchi, can be seen picking up American muso Scott Hildebrand in the fine city of Brisbane.

Yes, the pair met the traveller on the side of the road, but that was the only normal thing about his hitchhiking encounter.

After welcoming the fella into their ride, Zocchi revealed that they’d be travelling in style.

“Chip in for the gas, alright? Four grand,” Hemsworth told the smiley traveller.

The trio then set off for Byron in the helicopter, because when you’re Chris Hemsworth, you can do things like that.

Hemsworth tagged the official Tourism Australia Instagram account in the post, which makes a lot of sense: Hemsworth has previously been involved in some huge official tourism campaigns, but advertising surprise Hemsworth Tours is another level entirely.

The odds of you meeting Hemsworth and managing to score a free airborne lift is infinitesimally small, but after watching this clip, we wouldn’t blame you for trying.