OMG: The ‘Get Chris To Cowra’ Campaign Worked & Now They Wanna Build A Giant Hemsworth Statue

Chris Hemsworth Cowra

In wholesome news to break up your nightly doom-scrolling, local hunk Chris Hemsworth has *finally* noticed the adorably earnest campaign by Cowra Tourism to make him their ambassador.

Cowra, a small town in central NSW of about 13,000 people, has succeeded in its online campaign to “Get Chris to Cowra”, which is actually cute as fuck.

The campaign started to help the town recover from drought and the lack of tourism resulting from COVID, and now they’re making national headlines!! I’m tearing up rn.

Chris Hemsworth reshared one of their ads (which are actually genuinely entertaining) to his Instagram, and said that he’ll be visiting next year when he’s done with his movie. Which made me realise that next year is actually less than two months away. And now I need to sit down.

“Big love to all the folks in Cowra for this amazing campaign, warmed my heart and made me smile! I’m off shooting a film over seas soon but upon return next year I’m comin in hot!!” he wrote on Instagram.

“Like many regional towns around Australia, Cowra has suffered from a lack of tourism due to COVID-19 pandemic. So when things open up be sure to check out all the amazing places Australia has to offer!”

“A little bit of disbelief,” Cowra Tourism manager Glenn Daley told ABC regarding his reaction to the whole thing.

“I was actually out in the paddock doing some farm stuff, and the assistant manager called and said ‘we’ve got him’!”

I love how they’re talking about Chris Hemsworth like they just reeled in a giant fish. I guess he is a catch!

In anticipation of Chris coming to visit lil’ old Cowra, the town is planning a massive new statue, called… The Big Chris.

“Four storeys tall, and a beard like spun canola,” is how the Get Chris To Cowra website describes it, and I seriously cannot.

“Designed by renowned architect Hughsigns Rusgibson, and to be constructed from chiselled marble (much like Chris Hemsworth’s jawline) the only thing preventing the project getting underway is ensuring enough marble exists globally to construct his mighty arms and chest,” the site reads.

“Well, that and the removal of the children’s play equipment.”

I fucking love everything about this, and now my doom-scrolling is cured. Protect this town at all costs!!