Chris Hemsworth Brings Out His Brothers In SNL Hosting Opener

Chris Hemsworth has gone and done the nation proud, after hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend alongside comedian Kate McKinnon. Parodying Thor, Iggy Azalea and ‘Empire’, Hemsworth’s hosting gig was delightful, textbook SNL fare. 

“The last time I was on live TV was when I did Australia’s version of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ [never forget], but most likely tonight will be even more embarrassing than that,” Chris Hemsworth said to kick off his cold opener. Before too long, however, Hemsworth #1 roped in Hemsworth #2 and #3 (Liam & Luke), along with the pretty dumb additions of Hemsworth #4 (Kenan Thompson as ‘callum’) and Mama Hemsworth, but this is SNL and Our Chris is on there, so we’ll allow it.

Watch ‘Straya Night Live below. In related news, Chris Hemsworth also joined Twitter for the first time today, and you can follow him here. <3