Chilean Miners Exploited By Aussie Milk Brand

In an ad land inevitability, Aussie milk purveyors Chill have exploited the heartwarming Chilean miner saga to sell milk which, rather than quench your thirst, preys on the type of inadequacy which befalls men who haven’t been trapped in mines or are faithful to their wives. With cringey copy that reads thus: “Congratulations to all of the brave Chilean Miners. (Especially the bloke with the mistress.) Man Up.” Chill placed what might well be the world’s first exploitative Chilean Miner ad in last Friday’s West Australian.

Human survival story, polygamy and phonetic similarity between subject and brand – good God this manly milk ad must have written itself – it’s kind of like Man vs. Wild meets Big Love but with more irritable bowel syndrome. Anyway, thanks to Chill for manning up on feminism and thanks to noted cheater Yonni Barrios for manning up on monogamy, this cringe-worthy ad could not have existed without you.

Via Copyranter