Tame Impala Furious At Chinese Milk Ad For Stealing Their Song

Kevin Parker of Tame Impala has threatened legal action against a Chinese dairy company, accusing them of pilfering his song ‘The Less I Know The Better‘ for a blueberry milk commercial. 
The official Tame Impala Instagram account posted a video of the commercial, from manufacturer Mengniu, along with the caption “I mean COME ON guys at least put some effort in,” and the hashtag #lawsuit. It’s a pretty casual way to announce you’re suing the pants off somebody, but Pitchfork claim that they’ve “confirmed the legitimacy” of the threat, so presumably its legit.
Aussie bands have a history of being plagiarised by unexpected overseas sources. Back in 2013, Jinja Safari accused a Chilean presidential candidate of ripping off their song, after a piece of music remarkably similar to ‘Peter Pan‘ showed up in a campaign commercial
You can judge the similarity between Tame Impala’s track and the milk commercial for yourself with a side-by-side comparison, bearing in mind that at least one of these videos is somewhat NSFW:

I mean COME ON guys at least put some effort in. @sonyatvaustralia #Lawsuit #nowitsmyturn

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I’m angry on Tame Impala’s behalf, but also, weirdly, wouldn’t mind trying some blueberry milk right about now? 
Source: Pitchfork.
Photo: Scott Dudelson / Getty.