‘Charmed’ Star Holly Marie Combs Is Using A Piper Doll To Terrorise Her Kids

In 2007, AOL TV ranked feisty Charmed character Piper Halliwell third on its list of the Top TV Witches, an accolade she no doubt earned for her kick ass powers, her sassy one-liners and, of course, the fact that she was a fierce and protective mother.

And although IRL Holly Marie Combs may not be able to stop time or blow shit up (that we know of…), she’s just as fierce and protective a mother as the iconic character she once brought to life.

As you’ll have noticed from the online backlash, CBS have foolishly failed to capitalise on the fact that there are a legion of fans who would give up an organ to see the OG Charmed actresses reprise their roles and have instead opted for three new gals, but the folks at Target were clever enough to release Piper, Phoebe and Paige dolls.

Taking to Twitter, Combs revealed that she will be using this as an opportunity to keep a Wiccan eye on her kids by placing a Piper doll in each of their backpacks to keep them safe on their travels, a move straight out of the Halliwell playbook, or should I say, the Book of Shadows.

“It’s time and one of these is going in each one of my kid’s backpacks. So I can always be with them. Forever and everrrrrr. Yeah I’m that mom. Don’t @ me. , she tweeted.

Not the best craftsmanship I’ve ever seen, but I can fully appreciate the attention-to-detail with the outfit.

As I previously pointed out via Twitter, it’s a perf combo of noughties fashion trends including the off the shoulder top and chunky belt which Piper rocked in promo shoots for the series.

While I’m sure her boys are v. embarrassed by her super mum antics, I hope they realise how fkn lucky they are to have a Charmed One for a mother.

Holly, pls adopt me.