Charlie Pickering Apologises For Accidentally Advocating Cop Murder On Live TV

I thought the dude whose small error made Russia lose a $58 million satellite was going to be a clear winner for Most Embarrassing Work Fuck-Up of 2017, but Charlie Pickering might have pipped him at the post with scant seconds to spare when he accidentally advocated for cop murder on the ABC‘s New Year’s Eve broadcast.

You might be wondering exactly how you condone lethal violence against law enforcement figures by mistake, but it turns out if you say ‘kill’ instead of ‘kiss’, it can drastically change the meaning of your sentence. Before launching into the final countdown to midnight, Pickering botched the delivery of his one last joke:

“We’re getting ready to count it down to the magical moment, the only time it’s OK to kill a police officer –sorry, I meant kiss a police officer – without asking.”

Or, in video form:

As you can probably tell from the caption on the video, conservative boomer Twitter weren’t happy with Pickering’s literally immediate correction and made their minds up that he said it deliberately with the purpose of urging violence towards cops.

Former politician, media figure, and employed person Mark Latham was also of the view that Pickering said it deliberately, because his brain has holes like Swiss cheese and he is unable to parse current events through any lens other than complete insanity:

Pickering apologised on Twitter shortly after the broadcast ended, giving a shout out to cops:

Thanks to everyone for watching #NYEABC tonight. Apologies for the slip of the tongue at the end. And a big shout out to all of the police keeping us safe tonight.

Just personally, regardless of what day of the year it is, I would not recommend ever kissing a cop without asking – kissing a stranger without their consent is a gross violation of their personal space and also cops are twitchy and carry firearms, not a great mix.