Carrie Bickmore’s Doodle Accidentally Exposed On The Project

He might have left the show some months ago now, but it appears Charlie Pickering‘s legacy lives on at The Project desk – at least in one particular form. On last night’s episode, and as the show was wrapping up, Project anchor and all-around loveliest person in the world Carrie Bickmore took time to read out tweets from viewers on a story aired earlier in the program. When she held up a sheet of paper from her desk to read off, viewers noticed a very curious, strangely familiar looking doodle on the back of the page.

It might have been faint, but people at home picked up on it practically instantly. Carrie and the rest of the panel didn’t notice – or at least played it like they did – whilst still on air, and it was only after the show concluded and panel member Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald alerted her to it that Carrie reacted.

Though some have suggested it was a prank pulled on Carrie, the most obvious explanation seems to be that, during an ad break, a member of the audience asked what former host Charlie Pickering would sign on his notes at the end of every episode – a trademark pen flourish that clearly piqued people’s interests. Carrie obliged and showed them, and simply forgot that she’d drawn it when the show went back on air.

For the record, here’s Charlie explaining his sign off doodle after his final episode.

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