Channing Tatum Follows Zoë Kravitz Fan Pages, So This Either Proves They’re Dating Or He’s A Stan

Channing Tatum

Rumours have been swirling about the hottest new celebrity romance in town: that of Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz.

The pair were seen last week per Page Six enjoying an affectionate bike ride (yes, such a thing exists) around NYC and were snapped on a separate day ducking out to buy toot paper. That, to me, proves it might actually be a thing, because what spells out domestic bliss more than a fresh 12-pack of bog roll?

But the Internet has actually decided that another bit of evidence is more convincing.

Some eagle-eyed fans stalked Channing, 41, on Instagram (we all did this in 2015, let’s be honest) to see which accounts he is following.

Amongst the IGs were a whopping four (4) Zoë Kravitz fan accounts: @zkluv, @zoekravitzinc, @zoekravitzsource and @kravitzupdate. FOUR. This seems excessive, but also deeply supportive in a kind of cute way.

People are using this as the definitive proof that these two are officially dating, but I for one am wondering what the timeline is here. Did he follow these accounts after they started dating in a show of support for stans of his 32-year-old GF, or did he follow them beforehand?

Is Channing, in fact, a Zoë stan?

We’ve seen former fangirls achieve their dreams in the past — yes Hailey Bieber, I’m looking at you — so maybe Channing is the latest Cinderella story we’ve all been waiting for.

Either way, he’s cute, she’s cute, they’re cute, good luck to them.