Channel V’s Danny Clayton Breaks His Back at Trampoline Park

Danny Clayton, the Channel V presenter and wild, unruly hair-haver, is recovering in Sydney’s St. Vincent’s Hospital, after injuring his spine while jumping at a trampoline park. 
Trampoline parks – essentially big warehouses full of bouncy surfaces and kids running amok – are a craze that’s currently sweeping the nation. In a statement on Facebook, Clayton explained the situation:

If I haven’t returned your message I promise I’m not being a jerk. 

Yes, I broke my back at a trampoline world. Please let me try to explain through my opiate haze. 

For an explanation of the physics involved in the powerful upward trajectory of my body and the answers behind the mysterious loss of inertia/ centrifugal forces resulting in being frozen on my Y- axis and having no power to stop myself landing on my head please contact Sir Isaac Newtown. (That rat bastard is to blame for this I swear) 
While the severity of Clayton’s injury is not yet clear, he’s keeping upbeat about it. He says that he can wiggle his toes, and is convalescing with the help of morphine and video games.

Get well soon, dude.

Photo: Don Arnold via Getty Images