Channel Nine Defends Joel Madden Against Drunk-On-Air Allegations

If you watched The Voice on Monday night – and even if you did and you too don’t remember what happened (hey Joel!), you can catch our live blog of the first live episode here – you might have noticed an overly effusive, overly agitated and OVERLY DRUNK Joel Madden writhing and gesticulating and just being a generally loose/awesome kinda guy in that big red spinning chair of his. He must’ve been so dizzy.

Channel 9 have today come out in support of Madden, defending the pop-punk talent show judge against allegations that he was visibly intoxicated on the talent show, with Nine’s head of development Adrian Swift telling The Daily Telegraph that Madden was only “nervous” prior to, and during, the taping. No word on whether or not Madden had a nervous headache the next day.

Swift said “I absolutely assure you Joel wasn’t drunk. I was with him right up until he went on stage.

Because standing in someone’s presence is a surefire way to detect and measure sobriety in a person. You’d have to be on something to come up with hyperboles like “You’ve got more soul than a sneaker shop!” and:

This is probably the best instance of intoxication on Channel 9 since this: