It’s A Knockout sure conjures up some sweet memories don’t it? Saturday mornings couching-out in your jammies and watching Billy J Smith, Fiona MacDonald and sporty laymen dressed in large foam suits take part in creative sports for a battle of regional supremacy. In keeping with television’s current failure to come up with original concepts Eighties-revival trend (see also Young Talent Time and Hey Hey It’s Saturday), Channel 10 have confirmed that It’s A Knockout will return to Australian screens this summer.

The basic format will stay the same as the original: whereby teams from Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales participate in a state versus state smack-down, and we can only hope that classic Knockout games like climbing a greasy pole and carrying a Mini Moke without wheels will be retained in the redux version.

The show will be hosted by HG Nelson, Ten sports presenter Brad McEwan and Hi-5 graduate Charli Robinson.

The original series went off air in 1987 but it feels like only yesterday I was lording yet another Queensland victory over the heads of my interstate counterparts on the primary school playground. (Queensland always won.)


Via Mumbrella