If you chief complaint about the UFC is that “the fights are too damn long,” then salvation is finally at hand: At yesterday’s buckwild UFC 239 event, US welterweight Jorge Masvidal etched his name into company record books by delivering a staggering knockout win that was so fast it all fits inside one lone GIF.

Masvidal finished off his chirpy rival Ben Askren with a sharp flying knee inside the first five seconds of their bout yesterday, making it the fastest knockout in UFC history.

Saying it was quick is no exaggeration either. This shit is brutal.

There’s room to spare in that GIF. That thing leaves bulk frames on the table. Calling that a “fight” is a pretty gross overreach TBH.

If you feel like wrapping your head around that in stereo, the (again, entire) fight is below.

Just otherworldly gear that. Borderline assault.

Given the escalating banter war between the pair in the lead-up to the fight, and Askren’s previously-undefeated MMA record stretching back some 10 years prior to the event, the brutal KO caught just about everyone by surprise. Even fellow fighters Michael Chisea and Israel Adesanya, who were both conducting backstage interviews at the time and had their live reactions caught on camera.

Safe to say just about everyone will remember that for a long, long time.

Except, y’know, Ben Askren.

Who probably doesn’t remember much at all.

Image: Getty Images / Christian Petersen