Chance The Rapper’s Feature Film Debut Is A Pizza Delivery Murder Mystery

The first taste of Chance the Rapper‘s feature film debut, ‘Slice‘, has just dropped, and it’s more than mildly disconcerting – probably the aim, considering it’s still the scary bad day in the UK and the US.

With music and animation like an old school video game – but sp0o0oky – the teaser features ghosts and a man on a scooter looping around screen, intercut sparingly with, well, slices of live-action horror: people looking back in horror, looking horrified at a computer, being horrifically stabbed, horror, horror, horror, and uh, lots of blood.

It’s one of those at first innocuous trailers that is actually quite disturbing really if you replay it a bunch of times – but also the film is apparently a comedy, so relax.

The film, written and directed by Austin Vesely, also stars ‘Stranger Things‘ thirst object Joe Keery, Rae Gray from ‘Fear of the Walking Dead‘, Zazie Beetz from ‘Atlanta‘, and Paul Scheer of ‘The League‘. The film, shot over summer last year, follows a man framed for the murders of a series of pizza delivery boys – which explains the scooter, and I suppose, how you could bill this as a comedy.

And hey, people love pizza, Chance the Rapper, and having the bejeezus scared out of them between lols. Just ask Macaulay Culkin.

Slice‘ is due out next year.