WATCH: St Vincent’s Directional Debut Is An Utterly Fucked-Looking Horror

St Vincent has turned her hand to the horror film genre and we are 100% here for it.

The musician – real name: Annie Clark – is one of four female directors contributing short films to upcoming horror anthology ‘XX‘, the first trailer for which is out today. The title of her short film? ‘The Birthday Party‘, which sounds delightfully, familiarly creepy, kind of like walking in front of a fun house mirror or playing a well-known song in a minor chord.

Joining her are Karyn Kusama (who directed 2015 thriller-horror ‘The Invitation‘) with ‘Her Only Living Son‘, Roxanne Benjamin with ‘Don’t Fall‘, and Jovanka Vuckovic with ‘The Box‘.

Horror, like most other genres, tends to be a boy’s club, so this is a v. cool initiative to showcase the work of talented female directors. Plus, it looks creepy as shit (professional opinion).

Watch the first trailer here:

Side note: nobody mention ‘fingernails’ for the rest of the day.

The film comes out in very select few cinemas across America (and none in Australia.. yet), but you can access it via iTunes, YouTube, GooglePlay and a bunch of other channels from February 17th. Essentially, this is your next horror movie night sorted.

Photo: Getty / Mike Marsland.