Cardi B Is Reportedly Pregnant With Her First Bub, Still Playing Coachella

Cardi B is reportedly pregnant with her first ever child and you know that baby is already cooler than you’re ever going to be.

TMZ is reporting that “sources close to Cardi” say that the rapper will be close to seven months pregnant with Offset‘s bébé when she takes the stage at Coachella next month, and is due to pop the sprog in July.

When “Cardi B is pregnant” rumours were flying around Super Bowl time last month (her reps were apparently telling staffers at a nightclub), Offset flat-out denied. Then again, if your fiancée hadn’t announced the news herself, you probably wouldn’t confirm it to a bunch of TMZ goons holding a video camera.

Fans noted that she did wear an uncharacteristically floofy dress at the iHeartRadio Awards last Sunday, which could conceivably hide a very pregnant belly (see the lead pic).

Meanwhile, her debut album is due to drop next month, which she only revealed while accepting one of several awards, including Best New Artist and New Hip Hop Artist.

“New album in April – stay tuned motherfuckers,” she said.

She’s the first female artist (and third after Drake and Kendrick Lamar) to score five top 10 hits in the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop chat in the same week, and she doesn’t even have an album out yet.