Cardi B Reveals Pregnancy & Almost Induces Labour Via Drop Squats In Huge BET Awards Set

cardi b pregnant 2021 bet awards

Oh god it’s all happening – Cardi B has announced that she’s pregnant with blessed baby number two with Offset.

She made the big reveal during her performance with Migos at the BET Awards on Sunday night in Los Angeles, backing it up and using a TV appearance to break the news about being up the duff.

She did it with Kulture on Saturday Night Live back in 2018 (before performing that iconic Coachella set), and now she’s using the limelight again to announce she’s preganté with Offset’s sprog.

Cardi joined Migos onstage at the awards for their performance of ‘Straightenin’‘ and ‘Type Shit‘, with no hesitation – just getting straight out there to spit her verse in a gem-encrusted bodysuit that presented her baby bump to the world with little introduction.

Check it out, she comes through at the 3:42 mark, and you can hear the crowd going absolutely bonkers for this huge reveal.

After powering through her verse on ‘Type Shit‘, Cardi joined the Migos lads for the rest of the performance, dropping it so low I was borderline worried that baby might just yeet out with a mic in hand for its own feature. Can’t even imagine getting in a deep squat while that preggo, I simply have to respect it.

At the same time as her big appearance at the BET Awards, Cardi posted up a photo on her Instagram and Twitter announcing baby number two for everyone else who isn’t watching the show.

Simply captioned “#2!” and tagging in her baby daddy Offset, the picture sees Cardi with her pregnant stomach and boobs in a plaster cast with matching nails, and nothing else but a few chunky bangles and earrings.

Her big news wasn’t the only win at the awards either, with Cardi and Megan Thee Stallion taking home the gong for Best Video for ‘WAP‘ at the time of writing – so she’s taking home at least one award from her five nominations this year.

Love this for her, love this for all of us.