Cara Delevingne Is The Next Jennifer Lawrence, Shailene Woodley

Human  emoji and model whose name you’d be hard pressed to spell correctly were you to be approached at random on the street and asked, Cara Delevingne, is primed to be the next Shailene Woodley, or Jennifer Lawrence, or whichever other affable screen ingenue with a propensity for appearing in filmic adaptations of Young Adult fiction most intrigues you now that she’s landed the lead role in your new favourite movie.
According to VarietyDelevingne will co-star opposite Nat Wolff in Paper Towns, an adaption of novel of the same name by the Fault In Our Stars novelist John Green, the plot of which reportedly reads as follows:
The story follows young neighbours who share the jarring experience of finding the body of a man who committed suicide. The two leads grow apart — until the night he finds her at his bedroom window, dressed like a ninja. She enlists him in a campaign to get revenge on the people who’ve hurt her. The next day, she vanishes and he is left to ponder the ramifications of the evening. Then he begins getting clues and follows them in an attempt to find her.

You might remember Nat Wolff as Ansel Elgort’s vision impaired friend in Fault, or as the vessel for outsize adolescent ennui in Palo Alto
You might remember Cara Delevingne from her starring role in party mom Reese Witherspoon’s pie-eyed Met Gala elevator documentary videos – the crowning achievement of not only her entire filmography (which also includes burritosthe Amanda Knox biopic and the imminent Peter Pan retelling), but Life itself. 
Really though, it’s all downhill from those:
via Variety

Photo by Anthony Harvey/GettyImages