Can Men Be Funny? Lizzy Caplan Explains on ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’

Mean Girls and Party Down star Lizzy Caplan appears on this week’s edition of Comedy Bang! Bang!, and in a teaser for the episode, she got into a heated discussion with hosts Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts on the subject of whether or not men can be funny. 
Aukerman asked her if she feels as if these days, there are too many good roles for women in Hollywood, and that men aren’t being given a fair shake. “I do,” she replied. “Sometimes I think ladies, we gotta slow it down here and let the boys have a shot.” 

Explaining her position, Caplan said that she believes boys can be funny if given the opportunity, but that men in comedy are a fairly new phenomenon, and haven’t had the same chances to prove themselves that women routinely get. 

Caplan and the hosts all agreed that large penises are actually a liability for many men trying to make it in the comedy world. “They do get in the way,” she said. “I’m so distracted by your penis in your pants that I can’t focus on all the jokes you’re trying to tell.”

The next episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! airs on Thursday in the U.S., and will hopefully ignite some much-needed debate as to why men don’t get more recognition for their comedy skills.

via Entertainment Weekly

Photo: Frederick M Brown via Getty Images