We’ve been high on Lizzy Caplan for some time now and, if you’re like us, you’ll love her just a little bit more after watching this.

The actress, best known as LiLo’s goth best friend Janis in Mean Girls and the irrepressible Casey in the criminally short Starz sitcom Party Down, stars in perhaps the only type of fashion film worth watching – the fashion film which acknowledges just how pretentious, pointless and trope-ridden most fashion films are (it’s funny because it’s true!).  

Titled “Fashion Film”, it covers aesthetically familiar territory, detailing the painfully whimsical existence of a creatively fulfilled manic pixie dream girl who likes to lounge around in floral print dresses all day, pretend they’re in French films, and “just make my art”, man.

Props to Lizzy Caplan and the NYC womenswear label responsible, Viva Vena, for being exceedingly self-aware about this. 

Via Refinery 29