BYE MATES: 2Day FM’s Rove & Sam Dropped From Brekky Gig After 1 Year

Here we go: 2DAY FM’s Rove and Sam have been shafted from their radio breakfast gig after just over a year in the role.

The duo are being bumped to Southern Cross Austereo‘s (SCA) national evening programme, but they’re very much staying together.

SCA announced the news this morning, saying that the decision came after the pair and network execs took some time off over summer and, “after review, decided that the best route forward for all was to move their show into another time slot.” Ouch.

Both Rove McManus and Sam Frost said in a statement they were pleased their new gig involved staying together as a duo.

“One of the pleasures of 2016 has been working with Sam so I am looking forward to continuing working with her in 2017 at a more civilised time of day,” said Rove.

“I’m please to move on with my friend Rove to our next gig, as well as undertake other commitments outside of radio,” said Sam.

Their evening gig will commence January 30, airing nationwide Monday to Friday from 7pm–8pm.

The morning breakfast slot has been replaced by non other than v. v. talented comedians Em Rusciano and Harley Breen, the former of which said she was “excitified” at the thought of hosting breakfast radio in Sydney.

“That’s a combination of my two resting states: excited and terrified,” she said. “I love radio, I’ve been in and out and in and out again for 12 years! I’m like the herpes of radio.”

She also called her new gig “the holy grail”, “the philosopher’s stone” and “the one ring of Mordor”, thereby hopefully hitting most people’s fandoms with one butchered reference.

The Em Rusciano Radio Show with Harley Breen starts from 6am January 23rd.

Photo: SCA.