Buenos Aires Governor’s Cat Unapologetically Flashes Anoos During Live Telly Interview

A cat, whose owner just happens to be a high profile Argentinian politician, decided to flash its bussy to the world following an interrupted television interview.

Axel Kicillof, the Governor of Buenos Aires, was being interviewed on live telly about the coronavirus when, 18 minutes in, his kitty decided to jump onto his lap, turn away from the camera, perch its tail high into the air and reveal the goods.

Go you good thing.

Censored out of respect for the defiant kitty’s privacy, of course.

I’m sure the two humans were talking about very serious, important stuff but, judging by the comments, the confident feline most definitely stole the show.

The kitty has now been globally praised for being an unapologetic, bad bitch who simply doesn’t give two shits about whether the cameras are rolling or not. (Okay, the kitty isn’t actually being globally praised, but it should be. A true diva.)

Check out the mishap – or masterpiece, depending on how you look at it – below, which took place at 18:09 (for those who don’t have a spare 41 minutes and 20 seconds to sift through the footage).

Speaking of cat interruptions, check out this weather reporter’s furry friend interrupting his live-cross from home. Both instances will have you feeling a strange mix of schadenfreude and warm wholesomeness.

Bottoms up.