The Gang At Netflix Are Also Pretty Keen To Save ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Along with the rest of the internet, we are still mourning the cancellation of the beloved Brooklyn Nine-Ninebut in this day and age, no TV show is ever truly gone, and it still seems like there’s a very real possibility that Jake Peralta and his buddies might get to ride again.

Soon after the news that Fox had dropped the show, it was reported that streaming service Hulu, who also revived Mindy Kaling‘s delightful The Mindy Project, had contacted production company Universal Television about picking it up.

It now appears they weren’t the only interested party, with The Hollywood Reporter claiming that NetflixNBC and TBS also contacted Universal within hours of the news, presumably sensing the mass outpouring of goodwill they’d receive by reviving the comedy.

Hulu, as we noted yesterday, would appear to be the most likely bet to pick up a sixth season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, given that they already hold the streaming rights to the show in the US, but the others also have strong connections to the show.

TBS airs repeats in the US and its president Kevin Reilly helped develop the show, while Netflix holds the streaming rights in other parts of the world, and worked with Universal on the hit Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

NBC, on the other hand, is Universal’s corporate partner, and has worked with Brooklyn creator Mike Schur on Parks & RecreationThe Good Place and new series Abby’s.

There’s no definitive word as yet, but whatever happens, it seems like a strong possibility that Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be back in some form, and wherever it lands, we’ll take it.