NOOO: It Appears Netflix & Hulu Have Both Passed On ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

In a fairly upsetting turn of events, it seems that Netflix and Hulu, two of the major streaming services who were rumoured to be reviving Brooklyn Nine-Nine following its cancellation by the Fox network, may not be picking it up after all.

Following the cancellation announcement, Universal Television was said to have fielded incoming calls from both the streaming services, as well as US networks TBS and NBC, but as of today, Variety claim that Hulu is no longer interested.

Trade publication The Hollywood Reporter also claims to have spoken with an inside source, who says Netflix have passed on the prospect of bringing the beloved comedy back for a sixth season.

That just leaves the two networks, although Variety’s source claims that TBS is a “long shot” to pick the show up, so it may just be down to NBC at this point.

The internet expressed dismay yesterday at the news Brooklyn Nine-Nine had been cancelled, with celebrity fans like Lin-Manuel Miranda and Mark Hamill tweeting pleas to bring it back.

The show, which premiered in 2013, ran for five seasons. Led by an all-star cast featuring Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher, it celebrated its 99th episode earlier this year.