Hello Bronson From ‘MAFS’, What’s Going On Behind You There Mate

Bronson Norrish what are you doing

You don’t really get to know a person the way you think you would just from seeing them on a reality TV show. The persona they adopt knowing that they are on camera and the way they are framed by producers and editors to create a narrative paints a not very true-to-life of who they really are. While you might think you are getting a look at someone at their most intimate and vulnerable on Married at First Sight, all you are really learning is that they are the type of person that would try and find love on a reality TV show.

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In saying that, that fact alone speaks volumes about someone. The sort of person that would debase themselves in this very specific fashion for money or fame or (heaven forbid) an earnest shot at romance, is necessarily an extremely strange person. That is basically the one requirement. How this strangeness presents itself varies from person to person. For Mike Gunner, this seemingly meant creating a fan account for himself on Instagram. For Bronson Norrish, this means posing for photos in front of dogs that have been opened up for surgery.

Norrish captioned the image “Today was a great day performing sterilisation surgery on puppies in the garden…“, which does indeed adequately describe the fact that a dog is being operated on behind him on some outdoor furniture.

The caption seems to imply that he himself was performing the desexing operations, which implies a level of veterinary skill and/or qualification that I was previously unaware that he held.

Act4BaliDogs, the group that Norrish tagged in the image, describe themselves on Patreon as “just 2 girls in Bali with a house full of dogs“. The pair say they have a focus on “rescue, rehab, and rehoming“, asking Patreon subscribers to follow them as they “vaccinate, sterilize, and educate the local community“. Presumably, the “vaccinate” and “sterilize” parts of that mission statement do not also refer to the local community.