Brienne Of Tarth Finally Gets Some Fkn Lines In Deleted ‘Last Jedi’ Scene

Even though Star Wars: The Last Jedi inarguably kicked a tremendous amount of ass last year, if we had one complaint it was that, much like Episode VII, our all-time fav badass Gwendoline Christie, got dick-all lines.

Known to Game of Thrones fans as the zero-shit-taking Brienne of Tarth, Christie portrays head stormtropper/baddie extraordinare Captain Phasma in the new Star Wars trilogy but in the two movies so far, gas either had bugger all to do, or has had her moments stuck behind that giant shiny helmet.

It’s quite frankly not enough Christie for my liking, so thankfully with the digital release of the Last Jedi around the corner, deleted scenes have begun to crop up online and one of them is focused on our girl Phasma.

The deleted scene takes place towards the end of the film with hero Finn trying to escape the Starkiller base and confronting the chrome princess of death.

In the version that made it to screen the interaction between the two is pretty much a couple of punches, a baton to the head and bye bye Phasma, but the extended version below shows what should have happened: a heart to heart between a former boss and her rebellious employee:


With it’s running time coming in to a fairly exhausting two and a half hours, we understand why some juicy stuff like this got punted from the final film, but hot damn we wish there was just a smidge more Brienne, ya know?

The Last Jedi Digital and Blu-Ray drops March 28.