The Chris Pratt Drama Continues As Folks Ask Why MCU Stars Didn’t Defend Brie Larson Like This

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After Chris Pratt‘s Marvel co-stars and pals Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr (and now James Gunn and Zoe Saldana) jumped in to defend him when he was voted as the ‘Worst Chris’ of the Hollywood Chrises, many people have taken a very innocently-posted meme to look critically at his behaviour and importantly, question why the hell this kind of support hasn’t also been extended to women co-stars like Brie Larson.

As the whole Chris Pratt mess unravelled, things turned from everyone poking fun at him for being the one Chris who wouldn’t be missed from a selection of famous Chrises, into a full online argument drama about his political leanings, his association with the Hillsong Church, and everything else that he could potentially stand for (or not).

But as the chatter about Chris Pratt and the drama that has now surrounded him continues, many people are beginning to question: where exactly was all this energy from Hollywood’s big names before now, when their women co-stars were being severely harassed online by (predominantly) men?

If you can’t keep up with what’s happening in this quick-moving drama (I don’t blame you), Brie Larson is an open advocate for diversity in the film industry – from people on-screen through to its critics. Last year she called for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to work on its diversity, which copped her a lot of hatred online from Marvel fans.

Hell, when the first trailer for Captain Marvel came out Brie Larson copped abuse, from sexists who wanted her to smile more in the preview. Literally by-the-book sexism right there.

From what can be seen, none of the ~Avengers Assemble~ gang stepped in to defend her, and one of the only male co-stars to say anything was Don Cheadle.

Fans flooded Twitter to point out this alarming lapse in support for the women of Hollywood that Downey Jr and Ruffalo have worked with – namely Brie, Tessa Thompson, and Zendaya – who have bared the brunt of online harassment, bullying, and to some extents death threats.

And as the sun rises, and the tides move in and out, the Internet has done what it truly does best and turned the big call out into a range of very good memes about defending Brie Larson. Funny tweets for justice? We do love it.

The drama continues.