Hold Yr Horses (And Carriage) ‘Cos Bridgerton S3 Has Been Postponed For Not Being ‘Fun’ Enough

bridgerton season three postponed

Hold onto your corsets and pack away the snuff, for it looks like we won’t be getting Bridgerton season three on Netflix for quite some time after it was reportedly “postponed” because the writing got too “dark”.

According to an anonymous inside source (the best kind of source when it comes to entertainment goss), director Shonda Rhimes wasn’t very pleased with the “direction” of the storyline she wrote out. Thus, filming has apparently paused for a hot moment while she fixes up the kinks and makes things perfect for the fans.

“We have been told that it needs the fun back so there are changes, which of course means delays,” the source told MailOnline.

“One thing is for sure though, the production team want to get it right for Bridgerton fans so they enjoy it as much as they have in the past.

“There are some elements that Shonda is just not happy with so wants to change them. Some of it got very dark.”

I’m simply racking my brain thinking of ways one could make Bridgerton, a show about sex and scandal, “very dark”. Did they try to bring Regé-Jean Page back just to have him die a grizzly death at the hands of a ravenous fox? Did the script introduce one too many menacing schemes that it turned into a heartbreaking Shakespearian play? I need Miss Rhimes to release the OG script immediately.

For those of you who weren’t aware, season three of Bridgerton will revolve around Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton).

If you’re wondering if the two will engage in any spicy sex scenes, the answer is a huge resounding “yes”.

Nicola Coughlan told Entertainment Weekly that fans can expect one thing in season three: “mirror”.

For those of you who don’t the horny significance of that word, in the Bridgerton books (The Viscount And I) Colin tells Penelope he wants to fuck her (excuse my French) in front of a mirror. Oh lord.

Not only is the scene going to be steamy AF, but it’s also considered to be one of the most romantic scenes from the books because of how OBSESSED Colin is with her. So obsessed he wants to WATCH her while they MAKE LOVE. Give me this scene immediately!!!


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Bridgerton season three currently has no release date, but with this news, I feel like the increased wait will actually kill me.