Phoebe Dynevor Watched Bridgerton Sex Scenes With Her Grandparents And Let’s Hope They’re Ok

Phoebe Dynevor revealed that she watched her own HOT sex scenes on Bridgerton with her grandparents and ahhh that’s certainly a choice.

Speaking on The Drew Barrymore ShowDvnevor confessed that she watched the show alongside her grandparents, but tried to fast-forward on the love-making. I’m sure her hand would’ve been very tired, because there’s a lot, A LOT of sex scenes.

“Yes, I did [watch with my grandparents] but only because, and I find it really hard to watch myself, but I had to if they were going to watch it,” Dynevor said.

“So I had to stand there with the remote ready at any given point to fast-forward for them not to see any of the bits I didn’t want them to see. We were good, we got through it. It was PG-13 for my grandparents.”

Regé-Jean Page also had to warn his family of the many upcoming sex scenes on the show, he told Barrymore.

“My family are pretty well drilled at this point…I had red flashing light emojis around episode 5,” Page said.

But for those family members who didn’t see the group chat messages, they worked out pretty quickly that they should be strategically out of the room during those scenes.

“I had a cousin who missed the messages and she just put on a tactical cup of tea and left the room,” Page said.

“She came back and she was like: ‘you guys were still going’. ‘How many cups of tea do I need to make?’”

But Bridgerton truly touched the public in a very special spot (and no I don’t mean their dicks). I mean it touched them in their hearts.

“It’s a show that allows us to get close to each other, not just physically, but emotionally,” Page said.

Watch the full interview here.