‘Breaking Bad’ Re-Imagined As A Nineties Sitcom

Hey guys, do you remember the American sitcom Perfect Strangers from the late Eighties, early Nineties? Or maybe that Brady Bunch update Step By Step starring Susanne Somers and Patrick Duffy? I’m sure you are familiar with 7th Heaven? Well, some Internet genius has re-imagined the opening credits for AMC’s increasingly bleak meth drama Breaking Bad in the oeuvre of sitcoms of the 1990s, and they’ve perfectly captured that middle-of-the-road look and feel of all those good natured G-rated primetime gems. You can imagine the Cousin Larry-esque Walter White getting up to all sorts of madcap buddy adventures with Jesse Pinkman – who would have an Erkell-like did I do that? catchphrase. Good job, Internet.

Link tweeted by the real Jesse Pinkman, Aaron Paul.