Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk’s 4 Y.O. Kid Finally Made Her IG Debut & What An Adorable Ankle

Bradley Cooper Irina Shayk

I am very aware that celebrity kids have a right to their privacy and aren’t really old enough to consent to being plastered all over their parents’ Instagram feeds, but I can’t help it — I want to squeal over how adorable they are. Especially if they have two hot parents, because its fun to cry about a 4-year-old being more cute than I was or ever will be.

So when celebrity parents deliberately keep their kids shielded from the spotlight (Michael Jackson‘s son Blanket walked so that Kristen Bell‘s emoji kids could run) it makes their social media debut even more exciting. Case in point: attractive exes Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk, who have kept daughter Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper out of the social media spotlight for four long years — until now.

Irina posted a photo of Lea to her Instagram, taken by Bradley (the pair split in 2019 but remain friends). It’s a lovely shot of Irina looking unfairly hot in an insanely cool Burberry outfit, with little Lea tugging on her hand. Look at that kid. She’s adorable! She has Bradley’s hair! With Irina’s, er, wrists!

Look, I respect their choice to retain Lea’s privacy but this is just funny. It’s almost like expert level-trolling from Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk here, in that they’re reminding us that their precious child is not for us to squeal over, and I respect that. (But also: I’m squealing over her little sweater, and you can’t stop me.)