Booted ‘Survivor’ Unit Says It Was A+ Despite Literally Getting Dysentery

Ousted Australian Survivor competitor Mark Herlaar says being on the show was absolutely grouse, despite literally coming down with dysentery after returning home.

Herlaar, better known on the show as Tarzan, spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald after his self-sacrificing departure from the Samoan paradise.

The 51-year-old said his ruinous illness “manifested two days after I got home and I was just crook as a dog, like I had dysentery and was nauseated and sick.”

He reckons that if he hadn’t palmed off the immunity idol to mate Tessa and had kept it for himself, he would have been forced off the show due to his serious bloody illness.

In Mark’s mind, that circumstance would have seen him “going out, basically, in a body bag with the zipper open.”

After speculating that he contracted the bug from either the well or the gross mud he found himself submerged in, Mark re-affirmed the show’s difficulty by saying it’s a hell of a lot harder than most viewers would imagine.

That didn’t stop him from being relentlessly positive about the whole show immediately after his departure, telling the camera that “I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.”

Good luck with your lime farm and gastrointestinal tract, mate.