Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Had A Tiff At Hugh Jackman’s New York Café

Hugh Jackman‘s posted a photograph of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively in the middle of a lovers’ quarrel at his New York coffee shop, and we have a lot of questions.

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The set-up is apparently that Reynolds is a wannabe barista, keen to help out at Jackman’s social enterprise – the shop and adjoining Foundation supports coffee farming communities by investing in sustainable development programs in Colombia.

But also he proves to be a bad one?? And they have a tiff about it???

Here’s the caption from Jackman: “Our policy at @laughingmancoffee is to make customers happy – not drive them insane (exhibit A = @vancityreynolds). @blakelively your coffee is on the house … forever.

Free coffee forever ain’t a bad get, Lively, well done.

The joke about Reynolds becoming a barista started around May this year, when Reynolds turned up to the café around the time, so says Jackman, “we put out word that @laughingmancoffee is looking for a barista“.

Since the pic of Reynolds and Lively bickering went up, the shop itself has leaned into the narrative with their Insta Stories, apologising to Lively and promising to send Reynolds “back to barista training“.

Image source: Instagram / @laughingmancoffee.

They’ve also opened up the question of Reynold’s face to the people, the democratic way. At time of writing, 85% of voters said YEP, KEEP HIM, probably because they would like to see Deadpool IRL as much as we would.

Image source: Instagram / @laughingmancoffee.

Jackman and Reynolds have been publicly play-beefing since last month, Reynolds poking fun at his mate with an election style smear campaign, tied in to The Front Runner. And Jackman responded by encouraging his Frenchie, Dali to shit on a picture of Reynolds as Deadpool.

And before that they were involved in a long troll, starting way back with competing pretending-to-be-each-other videos in 2015. And that doesn’t include all the barbed Twitter comments.

Play nice, gentlemen.