Blake Lively Nuked Her Entire Instagram & Unfollowed Ryan Reynolds

HUGE news out of the celebrity Instagram / beloved celebrity relationships world this morning: Blake Lively deleted her entire Instagram catalogue and unfollowed husband / noted cheeky devil Ryan Reynolds.

This is not a drill:

Zero posts, blank profile pic… 20.4 million followers. Her bio has been changed to “What happened to Emily?…” and of the 34 people she still follows (or has newly followed), they have one important thing in common:

Yep, every single one of those new follows is some insanely lucky gal called “Emily Nelson“. (Remember when Blue Ivy grabbed Beyoncé‘s phone and followed some random on Instagram for a couple hours and the Beyhive erupted? Being that random ever since.)

So yeah, it quickly became apparent that this is a marketing stunt for Lively’s upcoming film A Simple Favor, albeit a new and attention-grabbing one.

Also starring Anna Kendrick, A Simple Favor is about the mysterious disappearance of a woman, Emily Nelson (Lively), and her best friend Stephanie‘s (Kendrick) hunt to track her down.

Also, Stephanie is a mummy blogger. I’d never heard of this film before today and now I need nothing more in my life than 90 minutes of Anna Kendrick balancing parenting, blogging and amateur detective work.

It may interest you to know that Kendrick’s Instagram is alive and well, thank the sweet content lords. We’ll keep you updated as to when/if Blake Lively’s Instagram returns to its previously scheduled sass, or when the trailer for this movie drops.