Crikey: The Irwin Fam Respond To Backlash Over Bindi & Chandler’s Televised Wedding Spesh

Last week, Australia’s lil darling Bindi Irwin announced that she and her new hubby Chandler Powell are coming out with a 1-hour television special documenting their fast-tracked, pre-lockdown wedding via Animal Planet.

But according to Daily Mail, Aussies are salty that Crikey! It’s The Irwins: Bindi’s Wedding (yep, that’s the title) will already have aired in every  country but Australia by July 18, making us the last people in the world to watch it.

It will air in the UK on May 3, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, Hong Kong and other countries on May 18, Taiwan on May 23 and South Korea on July 3.

Only then will it broadcast on Animal Planet on Australia in mid-July.

Folks questioned why Australia is “so late” and “so behind” the rest of the world.

The scandal!

No seriously though, it’s a huge scandal. Well, enough of one for the fam to address the backlash.

Chandler later responded to the backlash while thanking Americans for tuning in.

He tweeted: “Programming is out of our control as Animal Planet decides when to air the show. We will keep you posted as we find out more air dates!”

Terri Irwin also stepped in, as no airdate was announced for New Zealand.

“We have specifically asked @AnimalPlanet about the scheduled premiere of Bindi and Chandler’s wedding special in New Zealand,” Terri began.

“We love our Wildlife Warriors neighbours! I’m sure they are doing their best to get the show to you as soon as possible. Stay healthy and happy!”

Bindi and Chandler got married at Australia Zoo on March 25. They had to change their plans at the last minute amid the COVID-19 pandemic.