Bindi Irwin Shared A Father’s Day Tribute To Steve & We’re Not Crying, Okay

It’s Father’s Day, in case you’d forgotten (quick, call your pa), which means it’s time to scroll past a bunch of celebrities posting cute pics of themselves with their old men alongside varying iterations of LOVE U MATE #1 DAD.

One local personality who we’d recommend pausing your scrolling for, however, is Bindi Irwin, whose dad, Steve, was like a crocodile-loving, khaki-wearing dad to an entire nation of animal lovers until his untimely death in 2006.

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Today, Bindi shared a minute of video from sixteen years ago, when she was just three years old. The footage shows Steve with a toddler Bindi, talking to the camera about, of all things, bull ants.

The video just goes to show how gentle and committed Steve was to his credo of loving and respecting all animal life, and Bindi has used it to spread that message, saying:

Dad taught me to treat every being the way you’d wish to be treated. From ants to elephants. We’re all connected.”

Terri Irwin, Bindi’s mum and Steve’s wife, responded to the touching message:

And the rest of Australia feels pretty much exactly the same.

Would you excuse me for a moment? I seem to have been bitten by a bull ant directly on my tear ducts.