Billy Corgan and a Veronica? And other new couples news.

I’m having a very hard time of late, in my own personal quest, of trying to see, what other women see, as the appeal of Billy Corgan. (Musical credibility, rockstar status, and talent aside).

I’ve written a pros and cons list, listened to alot of the Smashing Pumpkins, and even swiped my hand over the head of a bald man who walked past me the other day. Just to get a feel, you know.

I watched the Coneheads again, to see if I was remotely aroused by it. I’ve done aural, mental, visual and tactility testing, all of which, allude to the conclusion that Billy Corgan is not sexually appealing.

So, either, he smells really good, or, well, he has a big… shoesize. Either way, the man has no trouble pulling babes. He isn’t only Smashing Pumpkins, he’s also smashing anything else he can get his hands on.

With a penchant for the ‘Jessicas’ bringing him onto our southern shores, he has succesfully proven he can also make southern regions tropical. Case in point: Jessica Origliasso of The Veronicas.

She’s 25, he’s 43, and they were spotted together, early Monday morning, at the Trademark Hotel in Kings Cross, Sydney. They were also seen jetting to Brisbane on Tuesday morning; and later, shopping at Coles, New Farm.

Take 40 spoke to the lead singer of LA band Carney, who is dating the other Veronica sister, Lisa, to get the gossip. Reeve Carney claimed that Corgan and Origliasso are definitely “hanging out”. Reeve and his guitarist brother, Zane Carney, said they got to know Corgan when Origliasso bought him along to the the Blues and Roots Festival.

“She brought Billy Corgan to the Carney show at Bluesfest and it was awesome,” they said.

“I don’t really know how much of the rumours are true,” Reeve explained, “But I do know he has been spending time with the Origliasso family!”

Reeve and Zane also said that Corgan had been contacted by The Veronicas to work on their next album, which they say will be “darker”. Sure. That’s what Jessica Simpson said.

In other couples news, its has been reported that Matthew (wouldn’t want to get on his bad side) Newton, son of Bert, (similar moon faces); has proposed to his girlfriend, Aussie actress/ stunner, Rachael Taylor. This follows a year-long romance which saw them having their names tattooed on each others wrists in LA last October. It is believed that only family and close friends have been told of the engagement. This will probably make things easier when they sober up in a few days.

Now, from Billy Corgan and Matthew Newton, to someone who is actually sexual; Josh Hartnett. The intense heartthrob is said to be dating our own Abbie Cornish, fresh from her break-up with Ryan (shoulda stopped at Cruel Intentions) Phillipe.

It seems like everyone is loved-up lately. Even the royals. I hereby announce that Prince William will soon be officially off the market. My grandmother will be devastated.

The handsome and endearing Prince, next in line to the throne, is reportedly due to announce his engagement to long-term girlfriend, Kate Middleton. Those poms are known to speculate on anything and everything, but with news that the Queen has put in a bulk order of champagne, everyone is assuming that this could mean an engagement.

An unexplained order had been made for 300 bottles of vintage Dom Perignon worth almost $50,000, the News of the World reported. This means that either, they are engaged, or the Queen is a massive boozehound. I’m going with the former.