Billy Corgan and Jessica Simpson Dating

In news no logical human could ever hope to make up, Billy Corgan is now officially dating Jessica Simpson. Yes, despite all his rage Corgan is still just a horny older guy in a cage full of poor decisions. We were first alerted to Corgan’s questionable taste in women when he was linked to professional self-promoter Tila Tequila earlier this year but now reports indicate that Corgan is dating a professional idiot.

The odd couple were snapped exiting a New York restaurant on Friday night where we can only assume they talked about…stuff? Seriously, if Billy Corgan and Jessica Simpson have a conversation in the woods and no one’s there to hear it do all our heads still explode? That’s one for the ages. Anyway considering Simpson’s vegetable-like state the term “Smashing Pumpkins” takes on a whole new and all too appropriate meaning.