Fans Reckon They’ve Found Proof This AFL Player-Turned-Influencer Has Joined ‘Big Brother’

Not even the coronavirus can stop the production of the new incarnation of Big Brother Australia.

Although the housemates have been informed about the pandemic, filming is still underway and punters reckon they’ve figured out the identity of one of the contestants.

A source tells Daily Mail Australia that former AFL player-turned-influencer Daniel Gorringe is one of the housemates on the upcoming season.

Let’s survey the evidence, shall we?

Daniel didn’t share a single post between February 5 and April 8 – the entire season of Big Brother was filmed during this 10-week period in Sydney.

His followers were suss on the whole thing and speculated that he had joined Big Brother, with one fan explicitly pointing out: “In the Big Brother house.” Suss the receipts here.

Production wrapped on April 2 and Daniel returned to Instagram days later, but offered no explanation for his absence.

His account has been switched to private following DM’s report (which isn’t suspicious at all…), so for non sport fans like me, here’s some pics from his fan page.

And that’s not all. An unsuccessful applicant from the upcoming season told the publication that Daniel’s appearance was pretty much a sure thing.

The unnamed wannabe contestant met him at a Big Brother audition last year and was confident he had “made it through to the final round”.

Apparently Daniel “met with the executive producers” after his group audition and they were pretty pleased with him.

According to TV Blackbox, Big Brother’s production was “accelerated” after a COVID-19 scare had caused the set to be shut down for 48 hours in March.

Production company Endemol Shine Australia fast-tracked the filming process so they wouldn’t have to halt shooting again, before wrapping up on April 3.

The reboot will air later this year.