A Bunch Of Steamy TV Shows To Heat Up Your Chilly Winter Nights

The cold snap has officially hit and it’s goodbye outdoor adventures and hello rugging up inside with mulled wine and an electric blanket.

But if the aforementioned comforters aren’t enough to warm you up, it might be worth whacking on a spicy TV series to get you going.

Here’s a bunch of shows now streaming on Stan that feature many a ~steamy~ scene to heat you up on those cold winter nights.

You’re so totally welcome.


Quite possibly one of the steamiest shows on TV right now, Vida is poifect winter bingeing material.

The critically acclaimed series about two sassy sisters has been praised for its accurate portrayal of queer sex via main character Emma (Mishel Prada) who is an out and proud lesbian.

Her equally hot sister Lyn (Melissa Barrera) also gets her fair share of sex scenes, particularly in the second season which just landed on Stan.

Viva la Vida, my friends.


If you thought the first five seasons of Younger were super saucy, just you WAIT until season six drops as the sneaky trailers have been teasing a whole lotta S-E-X.

Liza (Sutton Foster) and Charles (Peter Hermann) are finally giving their relationship a crack so naturally they’ve been spending loads of time in bed together.

In one scene, Charles complains about hurting his neck in Liza’s bed.

“It’s cozy,” Liza says about her bed, to which Charles replies, “Yeah? Well my neck says differently.”

Liza then responds, “I know why your neck is sore… and thank you.” 

I’m sure you can read between the lines on that one.

Season six of Younger drops on June 13 – meanwhile all five seasons are ready to roll for your viewing pleasure.


I mean, it’s got a synonym for sex in the title so clearly it’s right on the money.

Californication follows the scandalous life of Hank Moody (David Duchovny), a fuccboi novelist who suffers writer’s block after moving to California where lots and lots of sex ensues.

If old mate The X-Files isn’t your cup of tea, though, then DW, the show boasts loads of hot guest stars over its seven-season run including Amber HeardPete Wentz, Ezra MillerRob Lowe and Zoë Kravitz, just to name a few.

The Tudors

Before he was Superman, Henry Cavill played a character named Charles on an old timey show called The Tudors.

Throughout the course of the series, we’re blessed with loads of nakey front and back shots of the man of steel and along with his hot co-star Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Now that Henry’s hit the big time, chances of him doing sex scenes are pretty unlikely but at least we’ll always have The Tudors to keep us warm on cold winter evenings.

exhibit a

exhibit b

Broad City

In my opinion, smash hit series Broad City has taken the world by storm because everyone is able to see themselves in its two lead characters.

So when you’re watching the day-to-day happenings of these batshit best mates as they live their fabulous but relatable New York City lives, surely it mustn’t be too hard to picture yourself in their shoes as they explore the dating scene.

All four seasons are currently streaming on Stan so go forth and live vicariously through Ilana (Ilana Glazer) and Abbi (Abbi Jacobson).