Here’s A Bunch Of Sweet Qld Travel Deals If Ya Wanna Remember What Sunshine Feels Like

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PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Queensland to let you know about the sweet travel deals on offer right now.

Well folks, the cold is finally here, and that means it’s time to bring out the onesies, the leg warmers and the space heater deep from storage as we hibernate for the next few months.

Or that’s what you will be doing if you wanna give up on the thought of feeling the sun on your face.

That’s right, winter is approaching, and Queensland is calling Australians to hop on over and feel the glorious sun as you explore the great activities the state has to offer.

From May 15-19th, you can score up to $100 off on return flights to Queensland with Qantas when you book an eligible flight using the code TAKEOFF100.

This deal can be used for interstate flights into Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast, Hamilton Island, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Townsville.

Or if you’re a Queensland resident already, these deals also work when travelling within Queensland with flights between Brisbane and Bundaberg, Cairns, Hervey Bay, Gladstone, Hamilton Island, Longreach, Mackay, Proserpine, Rockhampton, Townsville.

Our mates at Accor, My Queensland, Flight Centre, and more will be slinging incredible deals.

  • Flight Centre will be running across this sale event including a five-night escape to Hamilton Island from $2,299 for two people and five nights on the Sunshine Coast, staying at Coco Mooloolaba and includes a food and wine tour from $1,599 for two.
  • My Queensland is offering seven nights in Port Douglas including a full-day Great Barrier Reef tour and more from $799 per person and two nights at Hotel X Brisbane plus $800 in bonus value from $399 per person
  • Accor will be offering accommodation from $156 per night.
  • If you book with you can get $50 off Queensland Hotels from 15 May until 6 June, as long as you have a minimum spend of $200.
  • Booking transport through Apollo can score you up to 15% off daily hire rates for 2WD vehicles from 15 May – 21 May.

Are you stumped for inspiration on where to go? Here are some fantastic experiences in Queensland that you can do while forgetting that it’s actually cold everywhere else in Australia.

These deals are only available for a limited time, so be sure to book now!

Catch the sun by exploring the outback

The outback of Queensland is perfect to visit during the winter, as it undergoes a bit of a tourism boom.

The biggest and best spot to visit in the outback, however, is the humble town of Winton. If you’re like the rest of the world and have been binging Yellowstone and are keen on experiencing classic rancher life, Winton has got an incredible outback atmosphere to fulfil that.

The town of Winton loves history and preserving it, and nothing shows that off more than Age of Dinosaurs, a Jurassic Park-like museum where you can get up close and see real-life dinosaur bones.

There’s also a fantastic camping and cinema experience which pops off during the Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival. Dubbed ‘Hollywood in the Outback’, the festival celebrates Outback-inspired film and First Nations storytellers, the town of Winton can help you travel back in time.

Take a hike

If you’re keen to take long walks through nature, Queensland has got you covered.

Carnarvon Gorge is a gorgeous national park and also a relatively popular hike. There are plenty of different trails you can hike that will meet the needs of beginners or experts with knees of steel.

Along these trails, however, you’ll get to see what makes Carnarvon Gorge such a majestic trip. From its epic white sandstone cliffs, the many diverse gorges, and green-fringed creeks, there’s plenty of nature to explore here.

Carnarvon also has a rich First Nations cultural history, with plenty of rock art, 2000 engravings, ochre stencils and free-hand paintings marking the walls. These paintings are thousands of years old, capturing generations of Indigenous connections to the land

Take a dive

It wouldn’t be a trip to Queensland if you didn’t get a close-up look at its impressive marine wildlife and swim at one of its many great beaches.

The Cairns region is a popular tourist spot thanks to its tropical climate and proximity to the Great Barrier Reef. So if you’re a swimmer who can’t bring yourself to dive in a warmed public pool, this might be the perfect destination.

If you’ve also been curious about surfing, well don’t let your dreams just be dreams. The waves are actually better during winter and beaches such as Snapper Rocks or Alexandra Headland are perfect starting points for picking up the skill. There are plenty of surf schools available for all ages to help so you can have your own little Surf’s Up montage.

Lady Elliot Island

Lady Elliot Island is unlike any other island in that it is entirely made from coral.

Situated on the Great Barrier Reef, 80km off the coast of Bundaberg, you can swim alongside unbelievable wildlife like manta rays, turtles and humpback whales.

The island is also a sustainability success story, becoming a leader in sustainable and regenerative tourism, with its eco-tourism initiatives. You can take a re-vegetation tour and help grow more native vegetation on the island.

Sink into a hot spring

One of the hottest and newest attractions in Queensland isn’t a new bar or stadium, it’s the Talaroo Hot Springs. And just because the weather’s warmer, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself to a cheeky hot spring trip.

But Talaroo is also a location that represents the significant history of the Ewamian Traditional Owners. Ewamian Country is rich with its unique and culturally significant sites that include rock arts, scar trees, artifacts, ceremonial grounds and more. The hot springs in Talaroo are a testament to what makes Ewamian Country so beautiful, as the sights are gorgeous. Talaroo is one of only two mound springs in Australia and gets its water heated kilometres underground by hot granite rocks.

Thanks to their incredibly unique formations and heating methods, the surface water temperature in the pools reaches up to 68 degrees Celsius, which makes for a gorgeous steamy bath.

Talaroo is managed by the Ewamian rangers, who have been overlooking the resort for over the past 10 years as an Indigenous Protected Area and Nature Refuge. Therefore, a lot of Talaroo can be seen with exclusive guided tours, there’s even a bike trail that has recently opened up that you can complete for free.

There are plenty of ways to spend your day here, switching off the brain and appreciating all the historical sights that Queenslands nature has to offer.

Eager to visit now? Be sure to book soon as deals are only available for a limited time. You can find more incredible deals here.

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