Now that Carmen, the peroxide Cougar with a killer instinct has been voted off, reasons to watch The Apprentice Australia have dwindled to downing a shot every time Sabrina Houssami mentions she was Miss World Australia 2006. It’s a highly enjoyable drinking game and you’ll be drunkenly screaming at the TV by episode’s end, we promise.

But like manna from the Television Gods the previews for next week’s episode finds the over-zealous suits drudging through local art squat Hibernian House, the live-work space of a variety of artists including Ben Frost who rightfully calls two contestants a “comedy act”.

Channel Nine describes the next episode as a battle between art and commerce where contestants “are challenged to showcase renowned artists by exhibiting and selling their work” hilarity will surely ensue. Surely!

We were vaguely alerted to the fact in September after receiving an email from Frost’s art collective Stupid Krap which read: THIS WEDNESDAY NIGHT! Secret Ben Frost Exhibition as part of a new channel 9 TV series…Definitely come check this out and get your moustache/eyebrows on television. But we never would have guessed that “new channel 9 TV series” meant “The Apprentice Australia”. Who’da thunk it?

Tune in at 9:30pm on Monday the 9th of November to see the episode.