‘Bachelor’ Villain Romy Accused Of Being An Actress Planted To Stir Shit

Commercial radio ‘investigating’ has lead to the charge that Romy Poulier, The Bachelor‘s standout villain this season, whose most disturbing act so far has been sucking on Nick Cummins‘ neck to give him a massive hickey I guess (?), is actually an actress planted by producers on the show to stir shit. And you know what… it’s… believable.

The Fix were listening to 2DayFM at 5am this morning apparently, so they heard Those Two GirlsLise Carlaw and Sarah Wills, raising the very plausible theory, predicated mostly it seems on Romy’s IMDb profile and her Instagram. Here’s Carlaw:

Romy – I’m gonna say it here, she’s an actress. I’ve done my digging. Her name is Romy Poulier – French flavour to it. This is what I found out about her. She’s appeared in Home and Away. She has done a web series as one of the lead actresses. She even auditioned for the Schapelle Corby movie. She’s a dead-set actress.

She’s also been nominated for a Matilda Award for Best Supporting Actress and Emerging Artist. If you’re not familiar with Matilda Awards, it’s a Queensland-based theatre award. She was also in the Maxim Hot 100. And, when she was little, she was a very good ballet dancer and she featured either in a film clip or a concert with Nikki Webster. They were the same age. It may have been ‘Strawberry Kisses’.




Ultimately, Carlaw asked: “Is Romy a planted actress to stir the proverbial faeces?

The answer? Fucking probably.

Although the facts above aren’t entirely on point. Sure, Romy’s got some acting credits, amidst her career as a photoshoot director, but it’s actually Romy’s sister Paige Poulier who was nominated for a Matilda – they’re the Queensland theatre awards – early last year for her role in a 2016 Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble production of Twelfth Night. Credit where credit’s due, guys.

Romy’s not the first Bachie contestant to be accused of being a plant: rumours swirled last year about another actress, and another villain Jen Hawke, while Heather Maltmann, a favourite from the 2015 Sam Wood season had a handful of acting credits and training under her belt before she joined the show.

We may never know the truth. In as much as truth exists on reality TV.