Rhiannon Reckons Romy Just Said What They Were All Thinking On ‘Bachie’

The internet has sunk their heels into the ground and well and truly spat the dummy after last night’s Tenille Favios and Romy Poulier drama on The Bachelor. Romy has been subjugated to some pretty relentless online abuse since its airing.

Well, latest evictee Rhiannon Doherty has had quite a lot to say on Tenille’s meltdown, as well as Romy’s position as the house villain.

Pour the tea, girls. It’s scalding gossip.

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According to Rhiannon, it’s true that Tenille was very apparent in terms of her not feeling good about kissing “a guy that’s kissed 5 other chicks”.

“She was very vocal about that,” she says, “but then obviously when you get a single date and you’re on there, it all changes. I feel for her a little bit because I think she was just excited when she came back to the house and wanted to tell everyone about it, but then forgot about the opinion that she had a couple days prior.”

“So, I think that everyone in the house was just a little bit put off by it…”

Was Romy’s instigating was justified, then?

“I think there was a lot more people involved in that conversation that you don’t see.”

A lot of the girls were talking about it behind Tenille’s back, Rhiannon says, but Romy was just the only one brave enough to confront Tenille about it face-to-face. “Which is coming across badly, but someone people would feel like that other way is worse.”

Rhiannon has a surprisingly-fond opinion on the now-infamous Cat-Romy-Romy clique.

 “Like, you can’t deny some things they’ve said are bad… but, coming from someone who was in there with them, they were never only hanging out with each other and only being cliquey with each other. They were very much social through the whole house… always sitting sitting in the lounge room with everyone, always joking by the pool and laughing, and getting to know all the girls.”

She adds that it can actually be difficult to watch some of the episodes portraying the clique as super-bullies, subsequently bringing the whole ‘editing’ narrative back into discussion. “You think, ‘well, they did like a lot of the girls in there, and a lot of the girls had time for them’, you know? You’re definitely not seeing another side of them. They’re not all bad. They’re definitely not bad at the core, or anything like that.

At the end of the day, we love someone who tackles drama head-on rather than chatting about it behind someone’s back.

Does this make Romy’s more respectable? The war wages on.

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