Shannon Allegedly Accuses Nick Of Doing ‘Bachie’ For The Money In Deleted Scene

It’s extremely rare for one’s opinion of a The Bachelor Australia contestant to remain the same from the start of the season ’til the end. As we get to know the gals better with each ep, our favourites usually change and sometimes the season’s hero becomes the season’s villain and vice versa.

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I’m not saying that that’s the case here but I do think it’s important to address the shady actions of fan fave Shannon Baff as told by her rival Romy Poulier in a new interview with NW alongside fellow villains Alisha Aitken-Radburn and Cat Henesy.

Poulier claims that Baff is the real mean girl as she allegedly shaded the hell out of Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins in a deleted scene.

While the spicy scene is super intriguing in and of itself, the fact that the drama-loving producers chose to withhold a juicy moment has me even more curious.

‘coz it’s tasty tea, doll. that’s why.

“She does a very good job at portraying herself as a sweet, innocent girl who wants to spread love – but give her a couple of vinos and she turns into a gremlin!” Says the actress, adding that she’s “a hot mess.”

Poulier goes on to say that in the awkward as hell deleted scene, the 25-year-old allegedly accuses Nick of only being in it for the money and oh no she did not.

“She goes to Nick, ‘You’re just doing it for the big bucks, aren’t ya? They pay you – you’re just doing it for the big bucks!” Romy alleges.

“They did a really good edit on her and I get annoyed because she was throwing burgers at us and swearing at us!”

In the same interview, fellow villain Alisha Aitken-Radburn believes that a lot of the bachelorettes did their research before going into the mansion to ensure that they were being portrayed in the best possible light.

“I feel like a lot of the girls watched UnReal and noted down the ‘wifey’ concept,” she says.

“They’ve gone in and studied previous seasons and thought, ‘Well if I don’t talk about anything on camera, then I’ll be right as rain. Then I can humiliate these other girls and get them pigeonholed as the villains, which will suit me well.”

She adds: “I felt like a lot of the girls would say bitchy things behind people’s backs.”

“People would find out and someone like myself, Cat or Romy would hold them accountable for it and they would all of a sudden be like this wallflower who didn’t want to discuss it because they want to keep this facade of, like, ‘I’m this perfect angel baby.’”

To be fair we’re hearing all this spicy intel from three of the most disliked and dishonourable girls in the country so who knows what’s true and what isn’t but it certainly helps to have this info on hand as the competition heats up and more beef is bound to unfold.