‘Bachie’ Villain Romy Says Honey Badger Invited Her Into His Swag Last Week

Romy Poulier, this season’s standout Bachelor villain – because you need at least one – has decided to properly spill the tea on exactly what when down inside Honey Badger‘s swag on last Thursday’s episode.

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In an effort to dispel the misguided belief that she just snuck right in there unbidden – which is certainly what it looked like on the telly – the actress and photo shoot director told TV Week, “It was time for bed and Nick motioned for me to come into his swag.”

Oh yeah, that’s right. After the “Nighty night” from Badge to all the girls as Romy zipped his tent up, apparently he popped back out and invited her inside for a cheeky starlit cuddle.

All the viewers got to see was footage of closed swags, accompanied by the sound of tent zips, shushing and almost sinister chuckling from all parties involved, overlaid with Cass Wood‘s panicked commentary.

Also this shot of the almost-full moon:

Oooh, atmospheric.

Which certainly wasn’t enough for the viewers to go off, nor was Poulier’s brag to Alisha Aitken-Radburn that she was in there ten minutes or so for a “good little snug“. Cummins’ explanation to Cass later didn’t cut it either, when he said “[Romy] came across and we looked at the stars“, but hey, the swag’s zipper was completely open “because I would never do something on a group date like this“, as such a daring act might – to paraphrase – fuck everything up.

Dw, Poulier has a little more to say on their innocuous “little snug“: “He wanted a snuggle. It was really harmless, we just had a cuddle and a giggle and looked at the stars. It was really cute. He gave me a kiss goodnight as I was leaving, but it wasn’t a full-on pash or anything.

A kiss, huh? Well if that’s true, it’s certainly a level-up from this frankly disturbing attack on Bachie’s neck:


Anyway, is there any way of proving this without interrogating the Badge himself? Probably not. Even if it is true, is Romy still pretty much definitely not going to be the one sporting a ring at the end of the season? Yup.

Mmm, of course you do.